Assignments Coverage

Assignments determine coverage for the various aspects of your go-to-market design. People can be allocated to a role for a particular territory, sales team, or product for a specified period of time. Assignments have effective dates, ensuring that the relationships can always be audited for both historical reporting and compensation purposes. Coverage is defined as the allocation of employees to each aspect of your GTM Plan

Accessing Assignments

  1. Select Team Organization in the Team design module.
  2. Select the node in the hierarchy at which you want to assign the person. 
  3. Select the assignment tab and click on Add New. 

Understanding types of Assignment

When planning coverage, there are five types of assignments:

  1. Normal - Normal is the standard coverage assignment, associating a person with a go-to-market hierarchy node through a specific role.
  2. Temporary - Temporary assignments indicate a short-term placement until a permanent assignment can be determined. These indicate situations where one of the existing team members is covering for a role temporarily until a new hire is made.
  3. New Hire - New Hire assignments indicate the intent of hiring someone into this role in the future.
  4. Transfer - Transfer assignments indicate the intent of moving an existing employee into this role at a future date.
  5. Replace - Replace assignments intend to assign a particular role to another person.

Creating Assignments

  1. Select the Type of assignment you need to add to the team. 
  2. Select the name of the person who is going to be assigned from the drop-down list.
  3. Select the role of the user.
  4. These assignments are mapped to their respective productivity profiles. Once the role is selected, the productivity profile gets auto-filled. 
  5. Start date selected, by default, is the date on which the assignment is created. 
  6. End date is the year end date. 

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