Creating Normal/Temp assignments

Before Continuing

Before proceeding with creating assignments, it is essential that you have defined roles within your team. Ensure that roles have been created in the Roles module. 

Having well-defined roles helps streamline the assignment process by ensuring that team members are assigned to roes that align with their skills, expertise, and job functions.

Creating Normal/Temp Assignments

  1. Click Manage Coverage on the Territories tile. 
  2. Click Add New. 
  3. Select the type of assignment required for the team: 
Option Description
Team Member in Role (Normal) A team member who is currently assigned to a specific role within the organization. 
Temporary Covering (Temp) A team member is assigned to temporarily fill a vacant role. 
To Be Hired (New Hire) This position is open, and the organization is in the process of filling the role. 
To Be Transferred into Role (Transfer) An existing team member is scheduled to transition to another role. 
To Be Replaced (Replace) A team member is scheduled to leave and the role will be filled. 

  1. Select the role of the user from the dropdown menu. 
  2. Select the appropriate name from the dropdown menu. 

Note: The assignments correspond to their respective productivity profiles. Upon selecting the role the productivity profile is automatically populated from the roles created in the Roles module. 

  1. Input a start and end date and click Next. 
  2. Preview the results and click Save. 

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