Creating Normal/Temp assignments


Role definition in a team is mandatory before creating assignments. Before proceeding check whether you have created Roles in Roles module. 

Creating Normal/Temp Assignments

  1. Select the Type of assignment that you need to add to the team. 
  2. Select the Name of the person who is going to be assigned from the drop-down list.
  3. Select the Role the person will be assigned to for this particular node.
  4. These assignments are mapped to their respective productivity profiles. Once the role is selected, the productivity profile gets auto-filled from the Roles created in Roles module. 
  5. Start date and End date also auto-filled from the Roles module.
  6. Select Next. You will be taken to a screen which provide the productivity assumptions based on the role of the user. Select Save and the assignment is created.  

Normal Assignment

Temp Assignment


If there was a need to assign the person to the Manager role , you can check the box which says Manager of team <Node_name> 

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