Create a Role

  1. Log in to Fullcast.
  2. In the design app, select Create and Manage roles from the Roles module.

  3. In the Roles page that opens up, select Add new.

  4. In the Add role page that opens, fill in the following details in the information tab. 
    1. Name: Name of the Role (eg., Sales Manager, Sales Representative)
    2. Description: Few words describing the role.
    3. Start Date: Specify a date when the role is started in your company.
    4. End Date: Specify an end date, if needed. 
    5. Under Type, select the type of role you want to create: CommissionNon-Commission, or Support.
    6. If you choose a commission-based role, choose Split or Overlay Commission. This determines how the commission for this role is allocated.
  5. Check the Export this Role box if you want to export the assignments under this role when the Export Account team job is running. 

  6. Next, fill out any productivity profiles you want available for this role. Select the Type, name, and the Start Date.
  7. Select the pencil icon in the Action column to edit the month-by-month percent productivity, if you choose a ramp-based productivity profile. 
  8. Select Confirm when finished. For more details on the productivity profile, click here.

  9. Select Save when the specifications are complete.

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