Terminate Assignment in fullcast.io

  1. Navigate to app.fullcast.io./app/design/customer_segments
  2. Select Assignments Tab. 

  3. Click on the node in which the employee should be terminated. (Employee selected: Robinet Shuker. Node: Maryland)

  4. Search for the person's name and click on the three dots against the name of the person whose assignment you want to terminate. 

  5. Click on the Terminate employee option. 

  6. Select the assignment name you want to terminate on the screen that appears. (This step is applicable to users who have more than one assignment)
  7. Select the date on which you want to terminate the assignment assigned to that employee. Click next.

  8. You will be taken to a screen that displays all the active assignments of the employee. Select the appropriate action that you would like to take after the termination process. 

  9. The available actions after termination are as follows.
  10. Actions Replacement coverage
    No Replacement No need to choose replacement coverage.
    Permanent replacement Mandatory to choose replacement coverage.
    Temporary replacement Mandatory to choose replacement coverage.
  11. The below happens when you choose the above particular actions:
    1. If you are selecting no replacement, then only the end date of your assignment will be changed.
    2. If you are selecting Permanent Replacement, then an assignment would be created for the selected person with a Future tag on it. 
    3. If you are selecting temporary replacement, then two assignments would be created. One for the TBx (in this case x- Replace) person with a Future Replace card and one for the selected person with Future Temporary  tag on it. 
  12. If the assignment you are terminating has personal targets set for them, then you have to decide what to do with the targets before terminating. When the assignment has targets set then you will come across the following screen after you choose the replacement coverage. Out of the three drop-down menu options, select whichever is applicable to you and proceed to confirm. 

Terminate employee

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