Creating TBx (TBH, TBT, TBR) assignments

When you are planning your go-to-market strategy, it is almost inevitable that you will be looking to hire staff, replace staff or transfer staff in the future to fill certain roles. You can represent these hiring plans by adding New Hire, replace or transfer assignments respectively, for a future date.

Once in the system, these TBx members can be used for planning, ramp calculations of targets, etc.

Assignment Type and the name of the user selected should be of a valid combination to create TBx assignments. Else we need to create a TBx placeholder. 

Clone fields

Setting up clone fields in tenant settings is necessary to Create a TBx placeholder. 

Setting up Clone fields

  1. Select tenant settings from the user profile.
  2. Find people clone fields in the People settings tab.
  3. Choose those fields which need to be cloned to the TBx user. 
  4. Select Save settings. After 20 minutes you can see the configuration changes. 

Creating TBx (TBH, TBT, TBR) Assignments

  1. Select the Type (New hire, Replace, Transfer)  of assignment that you need to add to the team. 
  2. Select the Name of the person who is going to be assigned from the drop-down list. 
  3. Select the Role the person will be assigned to for this particular node.
  4. These assignments are mapped to their respective productivity profiles. Once the role is selected, the productivity profile gets auto-filled. 
  5. Start date and End date also auto-filled from the Roles module.
  6. Select Next. You will be taken to a screen which provide the productivity assumptions based on the role of the user. Select Save and the assignment is created.  

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