Cloning Assignments

Clone assignments feature helps in cloning all the existing individual active assignments in the plan with new dates in the same node as the source assignment.


Only active assignments can be cloned. Inactive/unlicensed user assignments are ignored.

Clone Assignments

  1. Access your Fullcast instance and switch plans if applicable. 
  2. Click Manage Accounts on the Territory tile. 
  3. Select the node under Segmentation where you would want to clone the assignments.
  4. Select the Assignments tab. All the users available will be displayed.

  5. Click on the three dot menu near Add New button and select clone option.

  6. In the screen that pops up, select an option where you want the assignment to be cloned.
    1. Current selected node only
    2. Current selected node and children
    3. All nodes

  7. In the next section, choose a criteria if you want to further filter the assignments according to your choice.

  8. Choose an option according to which the start date and end date has to be fixed for the assignment. If your choice is 
    1. Days: Input a number value for the days that has to be added from the source start/end date.

    2. Fiscal Year: Choose the fiscal year, if you want to start/end the assignment on the start/end date of the fiscal year.

    3. Custom date: Choose any date that you prefer to start/end the assignment.

    4. You can either choose same option for both start and end date or you can choose two different options for start and end date like the example shown below.

  9. In the next screen that pops up, acknowledge the confirmation screens and click confirm.

  10. After confirmation it will take a few minutes according to the number of assignments that needs to be cloned. More the number of assignments, higher the duration. 
  11. After the loading icon disappears, you can check whether the assignment is created by selecting the particular FY for which you created the assignment.
  12. When the assignment is created, you will see the assignment card with the future tag and the three dot menu option in that particular node where the assignment is created. In the example, assignment is created in All companies level. In step 6, since the selection was All nodes, the assignment will be created in all nodes. 
  13. In the rest of the nodes the assignment will be created with Future and Inherited tag and the three dot menu option will not be available in other nodes. Once the assignment gets deleted, all the cloned assignments will also get deleted. 
  14. If the assignment could not be created, due to assignment overlap or wrong entry of dates, there will be an error icon displayed near the FY icon. 
  15. You can identify what is the error by navigating to session error log page or audit page in settings. 
  16. And the error message will be displayed in Audit page like this and appropriate changes can be made and it can be cloned. 
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