Sandbox post-refresh checklist


Sandbox refresh can impact the complete fullcast application setup that is working in your system. 

It is advisable not to refresh the sandbox, but when you consider you have to initiate a refresh, just go through the below checklist and ensure the following mandatory settings are configured before proceeding to your desired action. (Sandbox refresh is like complete Configuration of the fullcast package application except the package installation step.) Please follow through the below checklist to know whether you have configured all the mandatory features after refresh.  

Sandbox post-refresh checklist

 Creating a Salesforce Connected App (Connecting to Salesforce)

 Login with your Fullcast credentials to establish a connection with Salesforce (Configuration of Fullcast-Salesforce integration)

 Contact your Business partner and give details from Export/import to establish database connection. 

 Create the entities and fields

 Create and schedule the jobs to export and import data.

Your Fullcast design app is complete now. 

To setup your motion policy, create new policies once again and check if you have configured the following for routing.

Step1: Update the tenant ID in Custom metadata--->fullcast policy setting in SF 

Step 2: Enable the three triggers in account, contact and lead.

For these steps, you can refer each policy configuration pages for support. 

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