Configuration of Fullcast - Salesforce integration

Once the user installs the product, the first task is to establish an integration connection between Fullcast and Salesforce. To accomplish this, API integration user profile should be created in Salesforce by the user.

Tenant admin creation

  1. Provide this API integration user ID to the BP.
  2. The BP will create an user profile for you in the Fullcast environment.
  3. After you accept the email invite from Fullcast your BP will make you as Tenant admin. 

To update the connect app settings in fullcast, follow these steps

  1. Log into Fullcast with your own credentials.
  2. Choose the available tenant name in the next screen. (For the first time users)
  3. Select a Plan that is already available. (For the first time users)

  4. Go into the Settings > Motion > Connected App Settings. Fill the instance URL. Get the instance URL link from Salesforce by following the below steps:
    1. Login to Salesforce. Select Setup.
    2. In the Quick Find Box search  Setup --> Domains 
    3. Select My Domain under Company Settings.
    4. Copy the URL in Current My Domain URL and paste it in fullcast connected app settings instance URL. (It should read as https://Current MyDomain URL in the instance URL)
  5. Consumer Key and consumer Secret should be filled in with the information that you had copied from the Salesforce environment. (If you have not yet copied the information, document Connecting to Salesforce will guide you through the steps)
  6. Now Validate and save.
  7. Next you have to select the click to authorize link, this will take you to salesforce URL that you put in the input URL section and will prompt you to login.
  8. Now the connection is established successfully.

  9. After logging in you will be directed to Motion Segments tab, and it will say Please Contact your administrator, this is because we have not run the import yet.

  10. Now contact your Fullcast Business partner to establish a database connection. You can get the details about package that the business partner might look for from the Settings/Jobs/Export-Import tab. 

To know in detail about the import/export data between fullcast and SFDC environment click on the link.

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