Connect Fullcast to Salesforce

The purpose of this article is to provide information and direction on connecting your Fullcast instance to your Salesforce instance. The Fullcast and Salesforce integration needs to be authenticated in both your Salesforce and Fullcast instances.

Import and Export Authentication

The exchange of data between Fullcast and Salesforce requires the API integration to be authenticated in our integration layer. This is currently not available from within the Fullcast app. Please contact your Business Partner to schedule a 15 minute call with product support to complete the authentication.

Connected App Authentication

The connected app allows Fullcast to read Salesforce metadata, which enables the ability to manage the data within Fullcast. This authentication process can be completed without needing to join a call with product support.

Below are the steps to authenticate the connected app from within Fullcast.

  1. Access Fullcast.
  2. Click Manage Settings under Settings. 
  3. Click Motion in the menu bar. 
  4. Input the Salesforce instance URL in the Instance URL field under Connected App Settings.

Note: When copying the URL, be sure to include the Https:// otherwise it will not validate. 

Note: To get the instance URL from Salesforce navigate to your Salesforce instance > Setup > Domains and select My Domain under Company Settings. Copy the URL in My Domain URL and paste it into the corresponding Fullcast field. 

  1. Access Salesforce and click the settings icon (gear) in the menu bar.
  2. Select Setup from the dropdown menu. 
  3. Search and access App Manager and locate the Fullcast Motion App. 
  4. Click more options (carrot) to the right of the Fullcast Motion App and select View. 
  5. Click Manage Consumer Details and verify your identity when prompted. 
  6. On the Consumer Details page, click the Copy button to copy the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. 

  1. Return to Fullcast > Settings > Manage Settings > Motion and input the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret in the respectable fields. 
  2. Click Validate and Save.
  3. Click the unable to validate connection. Click here to authorize message below the Consumer Secret field and log into your instance when prompted. 

After completing the authentication, the following message will be displayed until the first import of data has been completed.

Note: This screen appears because you have not had your first data import. Contact your Business Partner to complete the first import process. 

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