Tracking Licensed and Unlicensed People

Who Counts as a License?

People who are Active in the CRM and meet one of the following criteria:

  • Assigned to a territory
  • Assigned to a target
  • Referenced in a policy
  • User with Login Credentials to Fullcast

What happens when a user is created in the CRM?

When a user is created in the CRM and then subsequently imported into Fullcast, they are considered a licensed person unless they are moved to the unlicensed node.

What happens when a user is deactivated in the CRM?

The person becomes unlicensed and the people state will change to "Deleted".

Examples of Licensed People

  • Active Assignment
  • Inactive Assignment
  • Future Assignment
  • Person Level Target in Team Design
  • Round Robin Participant in a Routing Policy
  • Default User in a Routing Policy

Considerations for Unlicensed People

  • Users associated with assignments and targets cannot be moved to unlicensed node. 
  • Users in the unlicensed node will not show up in any of the user lists and functionality in the system.
  • The user state for the users moved into the unlicensed node will be set to "Unlicensed".
  • Unlicensed users are not counted for capacity.
  • Unlicensed users will not appear in the organization chart and are not a part of any hierarchy.
  • Unlicensed users cannot login to Fullcast. 
  • Unlicensed users can be moved back only to the All teams - Unassigned node.

How to move people to the "Unlicensed" node?

  1. Click Team Organization on the Teams tile.
  2. Find and select the users who need to be moved to the Unlicensed node.
  3. After selection drag and drop the users to the Unlicensed node or select the move icon from the grid to move the records. 

Viewing the Number Licenses Consumed and Purchased Licenses

  1. Click the Settings icon (gear) and select Tenant Settings.
  2. Details about license usage will be located at the top of the tenant setting page

Errors When Moving People to Unlicensed

A red X will appear next to the unlicensed node when trying to move a person with dependencies to unlicensed. To successfully move the person to the unlicensed node, the dependencies need to be removed. Typical dependencies are assignments and targets. To view where the person may be assigned set up the details panel for people.

Best Practices for Managing Licenses

Apply a Filter on the Import Job

If there are groups of people which do not ever need to be imported into Fullcast, you can apply a filter on the import job.

Standard Import Job: This can be accomplished from the Entities and Fields settings page.

Apply an Import Filter

Custom Import Job: Please contact your business partner with the requirements and product support can update the filter.

Enable the Details Panel for People

When the details panel is enabled for people, the people name will become a blue hyperlink which, when selected, will open a details panel for the specific person. The details panel will display any assignments or targets a person has been assigned to.

This information can be used to see if a person can be moved to unlicensed or what assignments/targets to remove them from before they can be moved to unlicensed.

Enable the Detail Panel

Leverage the People State Field

People State is a Fullcast generated field. This field can be used to identify which people are consuming a license. Only people which have an empty people state are considered licensed. Here are the different states that exist:

  • Empty/Null: This is a licensed person
  • Deleted: Inactive CRM user
  • Unlicensed: A person in the Unlicensed node in Teams
  • TBH: To Be Hired Placeholder
  • TBR: To Be Replaced Placeholder
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