GTM Charts

Steps to plot a GTM Chart

  1. Select Customer Segments in Territory Design.
  2. Select the node from your hierarchy on which you want to create the chart.
  3. On the top right corner, click on the icon named Chart View. 
  4. On the panel that opens in the right hand corner click on the GTM Chart.
  5. Fill the Chart Title text box with a name for the chart. (If name not provided, the chart will create the name using the dimensions and measures selected in the following steps)
  6. Now select the Entities for which you need to plot the graph. The available entities for GTM are Assignments, Targets and Territory. 
  7. Dimension is plotted in the X-Axis. Drag and drop the Dimension that you want to plot in the dimension tab.
  8. Measure is plotted in the Y-Axis. Drag and drop the Measures that you want to plot in the Measures tab.
  9. The maximum limit for the bars to be shown in the graph is 1000. If you want to see only limited number of bars you can the change the value according to your choice. 
  10. Drag and drop timeline/time period field if required.
  11. You can further create specific report, if needed, by providing appropriate filter conditions.  

The above is an example of GTM chart plotted for Assignment type against the number of customers. 

Viewing the plotted graph

The graph that is plotted can be viewed with the help of different button options available on the top right corner of the graph. 

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