Fullcast 102.7 - Understanding The Unassigned Bucket

TL;DR Accounts in the Unassigned bucket have failed to be assigned according to your rules. Viewing the Unassigned bucket in the Grid is one way to get an understanding of why they're unassigned.

Now that we’ve built some territories, you will see a new thing here in the Segmentation Panel: Unassigned. This is where you find accounts that, for various reasons, have not been assigned to a territory.  This is an excellent feature that ensures no accounts fall through the cracks.

Note: The user interface in this video is outdated. We will refresh the video soon! In the meantime, if there is any confusion, refer to these notes for a rundown of the primary differences in current and previous UI.

Video: Understanding the Unassigned Bucket (1 Min. Video)

Note that when you create a hierarchy, it will automatically contain an unassigned bucket. Some common causes for accounts falling into unassigned are:

  • An account is missing the field that you have used for a bucket rule.
  • You used a SmartPlan to assign a maximum of 500 accounts to each rep - the leftover accounts after each territory has reached the maximum number of accounts will fall into the unassigned bucket
  • You used a map rule to select postal codes but missed a few somehow. They would be here, too. 

📋 For more information, refer to the article Troubleshooting Why an Account is in the Unassigned Node

In the video, we see an example where the AMER region has been segmented according to company size. By scrolling through the unassigned bucket in the grid, we can see that many unassigned companies are missing employee count data. 

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