Fullcast 102.2 - The Go-to-Market Segmentation Panel

TL;DR The Segmentation Panel shows the hierarchical structure of your go-to-market plan.

When you’re in the Design Module in Fullcast, The Segmentation Panel is always on your left. This panel is essential as you develop your go-to-market plan. It helps you visualize how levels nest within each other. 

Note: The user interface in this video is outdated. We will refresh the video soon! In the meantime, if there is any confusion, refer to these notes for a rundown of the primary differences in current and previous UI.

Video: The Segmentation Panel (1 Min. Video)

In a complete go-to-market plan, clicking on a higher-level territory, it will expand to show all the lower-level territories beneath it. And it works the other way around too: lower-level nodes group up under their higher-level territories.

Note that when you click on a Node in the Segmentation Panel, you will see its name appear at the top of the grid pane. Selecting a node displays that node's data in the grid.

Also, keep an eye out for the yellow dot – it's your sign that there are changes awaiting your final commitment. This simple indicator is a helpful reminder to review and finalize any pending adjustments. There’s more to this that we’ll talk about later. 

Test Yourself

The image below has three fill-in-the-blank questions to test your memory of the key areas of the Fullcast interface for viewing go-to-market structures.

Article Written by: Ashley Kim

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