BMA feature upgrade notes - Package version 2.162

Motion package version 2.162 comprises of two feature upgrades related to best match account.

Exit Tie-Breaker 

When there is two or more best match accounts available to choose from, users use the Tie-breaker option available in the Fullcast BMA feature. Till now we have had options MAX and MIN to order and pick the records accordingly. Now the Tie-Breaker criteria of BMA comes with an EXIT option. This facilitates the user to move ahead with the execution of the task if he does not want to choose any of the best matched accounts and want the system to consider BMA value as NULL. When there is lot of duplicate records found this option might be useful. 

Know How Best Match account works on this link.

Execute BMA

Sales Representatives update the field values of Leads and Accounts whenever there is a change. So there is a possibility of change in BMA as well when there is field change. The user can now pick the latest BMA record for the routing queue by passing the string value ExecuteBMA.  ExecuteBMA will retry fetching the latest BMA record to pick the territory for territory routing. If there isn't any change in the records the same best match account will be retained and from the the territory could be chosen for territory routing. 

Routing Policy process builder configuration can be known in detail in the link provided.

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