Managing Charts

You can use different functionalities available for the plotted GTM chart with the help of a number of options available in the top right corner of the graph. 

Figure 1. An example of a GTM chart

  1. You can see the appropriate values by hovering around the graphs
  2. You can make the value get displayed in the graph by choosing the fixed level button available in the top right corner
  3. You can plot the graph for the required hierarchy level by choosing the appropriate option
  4. You can also get the graph displayed in a table format by clicking the table button
  5. You can pin the graph to the dashboard and easy viewing and comparison with other charts. Below are the steps to pin the graph to the dashboard. 
    1. Click on the Pin Chart button.
    2. The screen that pops up will ask for the Decision center in which the graph has to be pinned. Pick your choice from the dropdown menu and confirm.
    3. Now you can see the chart pinned in the Rhythm dashboard. 
    4. Click on Rhythm and select the dashboard to which you have pinned the graph and now you can view the chart.
  6. You can remove the chart from the dashboard by clicking on the three-dot button and selecting the Remove option. 
  7. You can refresh, edit and download the chart by clicking the appropriate options available. 

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