Managing Territories

Segmentation in the Design App

As mentioned in Understanding Hierarchies, hierarchies are the main way to organize your go-to-market design. In this section, we will discuss how to work with territories in the Design app.

Hierarchy ViewHierarchy View

Hierarchy View


Applicable Across All Designers

This how-to is applicable for any of the designers within the Design Module, including Segments, Teams, Products, Channels, and Roles.

Accessing the Add Hierarchy Menu

In the designers, use the "Add Hierarchy" option in the Hierarchy Operations Menu to break down a particular node.

Hierarchy Operations MenuHierarchy Operations Menu

Hierarchy Operations Menu

There are three ways to use our rules-based engine to break down your customer territories:

Add Hierarchy MenuAdd Hierarchy Menu

Add Hierarchy Menu

Learn about each of these methods in more detail here.

The Unassigned Node

In the Go-to-Market Hierarchy column, you'll see an unassigned node. The unassigned node is created automatically to store any work-in-progress items or items with data quality issues that cannot be resolved by the rules set in place already. You can also manually move items into and out of the unassigned node at any level. The unassigned node can be created at all levels of the hierarchy, from the All Companies level down to a specific child node, depending on how the segments are configured.


Automatic scenarios where items are moved into the Unassigned Node:

  • If the rules specified for that level cannot be executed because of missing data,
    then items are automatically added to the unassigned node.
  • When a node is deleted, items contained in that node are moved into the
    unassigned node.
  • When bucket rules don't catch all the items based on the criteria, the items not
    associated with any other node will be automatically moved to the Unassigned node.


Deleting the Unassigned Node

The Unassigned node can only be deleted if it is the last node under a parent.


What Happens to Records Being Moved Around?

To understand the movement of records while creating your go-to-market design, please see here.

Viewing People Instead of Territories

Territories are grouped by and named according to multiple factors. To go over some of our best practices for node naming and organizing your go-to-market, click here. In the Design Module, people are assigned to a particular territory.

Let's say you want a view of the hierarchy based on the people assigned. To enable this view:

  1. Select "Show Role Details" from the Hierarchy Operations Menu.
  2. Choose the role to be overlayed on the territory node. This gets configured in conjunction with the way you've assigned coverage to your territories.