Why Policies?

How can software make your sales process faster, more agile, and more effective? Software-defined operations involve policies for this purpose.

What is a Policy?

A policy is a statement of intent describing a set of principles in the form of a procedure or protocol. Policies are adopted by a governing body within the organization, usually business operations people who evaluate procedure and adherence. Software-defined ops platforms support policy definition, evaluation, and automation.

Why You Need Policies

A policy-driven approach to sales operations can transform your CRM function. It defines policies for sales teams and explains the steps in creating, automating, enforcing, and assessing software-defined policies. Using automated software eliminates the need for manual intervention and allows your sales operations team to focus on the strategic aspect of their role and execute your go-to-market plan more effectively. No more getting caught in endless cycles of data quality cleanups and fixing things out of alignment with your go-to-market.


Want to learn more about the policies available in fullcast.io?

Policies reside in the Motion Module. To learn more about policies, check out Understanding Policies.