Using the Org Chart

The Org Chart can be used to visualize your sales team hierarchy built using the Team Designer. Here, you can view and group your people across different dimensions.

Navigating the Org Chart Features

Use the navigator tools in the bottom right corner of the org chart tab to change the chart style, zoom in/out, or refresh your org chart. Use the search bar in the top left corner to find specific people, and click on individual people to view details. Edit your chart using the pencil icon and download your org chart to share with others. To create your Org Chart, follow along in the next section.

Creating Your Org Chart

To create your Org Chart in the Team Designer:

  1. Open the Org Chart tab in the Team Designer.
  2. Click on the pencil icon in the top right corner to open the Org Chart Builder.
  3. Similar to the Chart Builder, drag and drop dimensions into the fields provided.
  • Unique ID - This refers to the people deepest within the team hierarchy. (E.g., Name, id)
  • Parent Unique ID - This refers to the person one level higher in the team hierarchy. (E.g., Manager)
  • Name - This refers to the names of your team members.
  • Caption - This refers to a brief description under each person's tab in the org chart. (E.g., Job Title, Email, AE Region)
  1. Click Plot when you're finished configuring the Org Chart Builder.


No Manager?

To access details of people who are not assigned a manager, click on the No Manager tab in your org chart to view the personnel details.