Using Reports in the Motion Module

In the Motion Module, it could be useful to track the execution of the various policies that may be running. Here you can view the events occurring every day - successes, failures & errors in execution, the total number of policy evaluations by the policy type, exceptions from the error logs, policy actions taken by the app in a given time frame.

You can access the Motion reports by:

  1. Navigate to the Motion Module (make sure you're in the Production Plan to access the Motion Module) by clicking on the Motion Tab from the top panel.
  2. Click into Policies by Territories.
  3. Select the blue Chart icon in the top-right corner to see the reporting view.
  4. You're now looking at the motion reports.

Using the filter panel, you can filter the reports by policy type, policy status (success vs. not), policy action (was the policy routed to a default queue, user or was role-based routing executed?), and by any time period.

Select the filter options according to your preference and click Filter to show the results of your search.

  1. You can also dissect this view by your GTM segments by clicking on various nodes in the GTM hierarchy panel. The policy reports will automatically refresh upon clicking another node.