Understanding Policies

fullcast.io - A Policy-Driven Platform

As mentioned in the previous section, the fullcast.io Motion Module is a data-driven policy and rules engine that works on your CRM system and ensures a tight linkage between the planning done in the Design Module and the execution of day-to-day sales activities. This tight integration allows our users to continuously iterate on their plans and enable their CRM to follow suit instantaneously, without any interference from hired consultants. Currently, the only supported CRM is Salesforce.com.

What is a Policy?

A policy is a set of rules or principles that defines an established sales process. In the Motion Module, you can enable and run policies to translate plans made in the Design Module to your CRM, with a single click.

The Motion Module frees you from depending on CRM and IT administrators to execute your go-to-market policies in Salesforce or other CRMs.

Types of Policies

Automatically route leads, opportunities, accounts, and cases to the correct teams and individuals defined in your segmentation and territory go-to-market plan.

Build account hierarchies automatically based on policies set in your go-to-market plan. Define de-duping rules and automated actions. Automate validation and sales compliance.

Ensure your sales teams are compliant with the latest laws such as GDPR, California, and US Embargoes List to track compliance and provide reporting.

Manage the policies that define all aspects of your sales strategy, including key contacts, industry taxonomy, and status across accounts and contacts. Supports true Account-based Selling and Account-based Marketing strategies.

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Understanding Policies

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