Troubleshooting Policies

Read more here to go over some common frequently asked questions regarding the execution of Fullcast motion policies.

I refreshed my Salesforce sandbox. What do I do now?


What gets impacted when I refresh my sandbox or the Design app source is switched to another sandbox?

Please do not refresh your Sandbox if you're actively working in fullcast and have already set up the integration. The following will get impacted:

1. Motion package
Configuration (Custom metadata, remote site settings)
Policy metadata (respective policy objects, routing queue policy etc)
Policy data (policy status etc)
GTM data

2. Integration
Field mappings made for import and export jobs

App Integration
Connected app Setting in Sandbox
Connected app setting in the design app

3. Motion app
Policy statistics

4. Design app
Hierarchy rules
Account/Team/transaction data used for metrics

If a sandbox you were actively using was integrated with fullcast, it's likely that all of the configurations and setup has been removed.

To restore your connection, follow the guide Connecting to Salesforce

What if I have to change the source for the Design App to another sandbox environment?

The above listed are impacted once you switch the source of the Design app to another sandbox. In this case:

  1. Contact your Business Partner to provision a new fullcast instance to be connected to the new sandbox.
  2. Go though the steps in Setting Up the Motion Module to set up the integration.

Routing policies are not working for me. What can I do to troubleshoot this?

It's likely in this case that your policies are set up but the tenant ID is incorrect. In the case of territory routing, a way to check for this is to run a report on the Fullcast GTM object to see if your territories configured in the Design Module are being synced over to Salesforce.

For all routing policies to work, the Tenant ID must be configured in the Custom Metadata Settings.
To enter or update the correct Tenant ID, follow along in this guide: Setting up Routing for Any Object.

Is my Fullcast Motion Package configured correctly?

Follow along the below checklist to make sure you've configured the Motion package correctly:

  1. Connect to Salesforce & Authorize Fullcast integration
  • Here, the callback URL must be updated in Salesforce Connected App settings for Fullcast Design App and Motion Package. Check the instructions to update those here.
  • Provide the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret to your Business Partner so we can complete the integration on our end.
  1. Pre-Installation of the Managed Package: Set up your SFDC environment
  2. Download the Managed Package
  3. Post-Installation of the Managed Package: Set up your SFDC environment
  4. Enable the appropriate policies by following the Enabling Policies guide.

Territory routing isn't working for me. What do I do to make sure it's set up?

Let's go over what you need in order to set up Territory-bases routing for Leads and Accounts:

Lead Routing

[ ] Enabling Territory-based Routing for Leads
-- [ ] Entering Tenant ID Details
-- [ ] Set Field Mapping
-- [ ] Enable Territory-based routing for Leads

Account Routing

[ ] Enabling Territory-based Routing for Accounts
-- [ ] Entering Tenant ID Details
-- [ ] Set Field Mapping
-- [ ] Enable Territory-based Routing for Accounts

If the above steps were completed and an issue persists - we need to make sure the territories made in the Design module are being synced over to Salesforce in the first place. You can do this by:

Territory Routing Isn't Working for me. What should I do?

  1. Run a report against the Fullcast GTM object in Salesforce to see if any records are populating.
  2. If not, head over to the Jobs Menu in Fullcast and schedule a job to sync the territories over.
  • Click on the user icon in your Fullcast instance.
  • Select Jobs.
  1. Click the blue Import/Export button in the top right corner.
  2. Select Migrate All, Export, and check the box saying Owner/Team/Territory Extract.
  3. Click Confirm.

Once you clicked confirm, hit the Refresh button to see your job status. If it says "completed" your territories are being synced over correctly. Try to activating and executing your Routing policies once again.


Without syncing over the GTM hierarchy through the GTM object, you will not be able to activate the territory routing policies.


In addition, make sure that the plan you're using in Fullcast is a "production plan".

To convert a plan to your production plan - follow the guide What's a Production Plan?.

If the job failed - it could be possible that the field mappings made for the territories need to be updated. This would be the case when you're using new fields to set geo-based hierarchies in the Territory Designer of the Design Module. To do so, follow the guides below:

Setting Field mappings for Territory-based Lead routing

Setting Field mappings for Territory-based Account routing

How do I check the status of my policy?

As a part of the Fullcast Motion Package - there is a Policy Status Object. With each policy ran through fullcast, there is a corresponding Policy Status Object record created. Here, when you click on the policy status record, you can see if the policy succeeded or failed with a corresponding error log entry if applicable.

If you see an error log record associated with the policy status, send this to your Business Partner to troubleshoot the issue.

For more info, check out Enabling and Executing Policies.