Tracking Progress

Quick-View of Target Progress

In the Designers, you can quickly view the progress of your targets in a list at the Targets Tab. Here, each entry represents a target assigned for the node in the hierarchy you're in. See below for a breakdown of what you can see in each target entry:

  1. Name of the Target & Role Assigned to it
  2. Dynamic Progress View: Here, you'll see a bar graph representing the breakdown of the actual achieved target by month and variance. Rollover with your mouse to see metrics by month. If you have scalar targets, this section will be blank.
  3. Year-to-Date Actuals: Target amount actually achieved since the fiscal year began.
  4. Percent Completion
  5. Year-to-Date Target: Target amount to be achieved since the fiscal year began.
  6. Fiscal Year Target: Total target amount for the fiscal year.
  7. Target Operations Menu: View details/edit, rollup, or distribute, or delete targets from this menu.

This Quick View of the targets gets refreshed every time you select a different node in the hierarchy, given that the target is enabled. You'll see the numbers dynamically change per node and be able to track progress across various levels of the go-to-market hierarchy.

View Details on a Target

To view details on a target:

  1. Click the Target Operations Menu on a particular target.
  2. Select View Details/Edit from the drop-down menu.
  3. You are now at the Tops Down vs Bottoms Up tab. You'll see the same information pointed out in the section above but in a page view.