Top-Down Target Setting

To review the idea behind the Top-Down target setting, go to Understanding the Types of Targets. In this section, learn how to distribute targets down to the hierarchy and on individual nodes.

Distributing Across Hierarchy

To distribute a target down the whole hierarchy under a parent node:

  1. Select the Targets tab in the designer. Here, you see a list of existing targets set on that node in the hierarchy.
  2. Click on the Target Operations Menu, represented by the three-dot icon on the far right of the target entry of your choice.
  1. Select the "Distribute" option from the menu. Fill out the pop-up menu with the distribution method of your choice. Click "Next" after choosing an option from the drop-down menu.


Distribution Options

The distribution can occur in the following methods:

  • Do Not Distribute – meaning the children do not inherit the target from the parent.
  • Equally – Distribute the target equally among the children nodes.
  • Ratio Based on a Field – Take a metric/target, and distribute the target based on the % of the total that each child has. This method can be used to distribute expense targets based on how much revenue each child is contributing.
  1. Acknowledge the warning and type in "OVERWRITE" in the space provided. Click "Confirm" to complete the action.


If you select the "Distribute" option this way, the target on the parent node will be distributed and divided down to the last leaf node in the hierarchy. If there are multiple levels in your hierarchy, choose the node at which you want to distribute down the target wisely.

Distributing Targets at a Particular Node

Let's say you want to distribute your target down a particular node and its children, without affecting other parent nodes in the hierarchy. To do so, you can edit the target at the node level using the "Edit Details" page. Follow the steps below:

  1. Choose the node in the hierarchy column at which you'd like to distribute the target.
  2. Select the "Target" tab in the designer. Here, you see a list of existing targets set on that node in the hierarchy.
  3. Click "View Details/Edit" on the target of choice. Here you will see an overview of the target, where you can track the progress and view the numbers based on schedules and adjustments.
  4. Click the Distribute tab to modify the parameters of the target. Select the Distribution Method from the drop-down list.
  5. Add any Exclusions by selecting child nodes from the drop-down list. The nodes you choose won't be affected by the distribute action.
  6. Click Distribute to save your changes.
  7. At the Tops Down vs Bottoms Up Tab, click [+] Bottoms Up in the grid to view how the target was distributed down the child nodes.
gif of steps 4-6gif of steps 4-6

gif of steps 4-6