Understanding Software-Defined Operations

Today, businesses struggle to translate strategic intent into standard operating procedures. This lack of agility and disconnect between strategy and execution is typically handled manually. In a fast-moving business environment, the ability to react to business conditions and respond operationally is key. That being said, fullcast.io operates in the realm of Software-Defined Operations.

Introducing Software-Defined Ops

Software-Defined Ops is the idea that any business operations scenarios you encounter in the workplace can be programmatically defined and executed as a set of policies through application programming interfaces (APIs). The goal is to translate intent (Plan) into operating procedures and protocol (Execution). Look at the figure below:

Using fullcast.io can help your Sales Ops teams make changes to their go-to-market plan instantly followed by automatic CRM updates within hours of a plan change, rather than weeks or months or with the help of an army of consultants.

Updated 11 months ago

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Understanding Software-Defined Operations

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