Setting an Order of Precedence

For hierarchies built using multiple criteria or rules, users can leverage the Order of Precedence menu to decide which criteria gets applied in what order.

Using Order of Precedence

Let's say a sales leader wants to build out the GTM hierarchy for North America in fullcast. While the over-arching segmentation is geo-based, the user would like to have a place to track accounts that fall under certain Industry. The user can leverage Order of Precedence to first segment the accounts in North America by industry and then followed by the geo-based allocation to meet their needs and track accounts according to their preference.

To set an Order of Precedence for a particular node:

  1. Navigate to the Territory or Team node in the GTM hierarchy panel for which you'd like to adjust the order of the hierarchy criteria.
  2. Select the three dot [...] Hierarchy Operations Menu. From the drop-down menu, select Order of Precedence.
  3. You'll see a pop-up displaying the rules set on this node currently. Drag and drop the options to adjust the order of priority that the rules engine will follow to build out the GTM hierarchy.
  4. Click Confirm to save your changes.
  5. Note: Changes to the "Order of Precedence" does not automatically affect existing data. After saving the changes, rerun the rules for the changes to be applied to the existing node.