Reporting - Account Hierachies

Reporting Using the Ultimate Parent Field

Once the hierarchy is maintained, a custom field is added called the “Ultimate Parent.” This field is invaluable in reporting for various scenarios as described below:

The Ultimate Parent is a custom field that automatically populates the name of the highest level Account into each of the subsidiary linked Accounts. Once the account relationships are established using salesforce’s account hierarchy fields, it can be accessed on the account object layout by using the “View Hierarchy” link.

You can go as broad and as deep as you like to create an extensive organization hierarchy.

This is where Salesforce’s support for hierarchies end. Salesforce provides no way of reporting on the Opportunities, Contacts or Activities across the entire collection of companies. In other words there’s no easy way, for example, of understanding all the Open or Closed Opportunities linked to this group of companies.

Enter Ultimate Parent Field. Using this custom field added to each account, you can now create reports that give you a 360-degree perspective of the transactional activity occurring throughout the hierarchy.

The Ultimate Parent is populated for each Account by the hierarchy management solution. If two Accounts are linked via the standard Parent Account field, then the Ultimate Parent will be automatically populated.

View Opportunities by Ultimate Parent

Now we can create a report showing all Opportunities by Ultimate Parent.

This provides a consolidated view of all the revenue in the Pipeline or generated from our Closed Won Opportunities across all companies within the Group.

To take this a step further, we can drill down by the Ultimate Parent to see what Opportunities we have the companies in the Group.

This highlights the potential for new sales and means we can take a more coordinated and effective approach to business development within this Group.

Highlight Sister Companies Where We Have No Opportunities

We can use the Ultimate Parent to reveal which companies we can target within the Group for new opportunities. The benefit of this is that we can be referred by an existing customer to a sister company which reduces the pre-sales cost and improve our chance of winning new business.

Cross Sell Products or Services

Naturally, one or more companies within a wider group tend to be in the same or at least a similar industry. It’s also fairly common for these companies to adhere to the same processes that are driven by HQ.

If you’re selling products or services to one company in the Group, chances are that the benefit of these could be realized elsewhere within the Group. This presents a great opportunity to identify new or existing customers within the Group that may also have a need for your products or services that they currently don’t have or are buying from somewhere else.

The Ultimate Parent provides insight into won and potential revenue by consolidating the reporting information across the Group of Accounts.

View Contacts by Ultimate Parent

Now we can create a report showing all Contacts by Ultimate Parent. The benefit of this is that we can seek introductions from existing Contacts in the Group to build new and stronger relationships elsewhere.

If we find that our Contacts have similar job titles or hold positions at a similar level within their respective company, then we can also use this information to improve our events and other marketing activities that target these influential stakeholders.

View Activities by Ultimate Parent

Now we can create a report showing all Activities by Ultimate Parent. Everyone knows the top 2 or 3 Accounts, but after that the waters get a bit murky. It’s murkier still when the combined value of several smaller, related Accounts within a group of companies is more valuable than say a mid-sized stand-alone company. The benefit of reporting on Activities by Ultimate Parent is that we see the level of activity across a group of companies to ensure that the level of interaction that we have – or don’t have as may be the case – is appropriate to maintain the relationship with the Group.

The various reports shown above can be found in the “Fullcast Reports” folder once you have the fullcast package installed.

Snapshot of important values in the hierarchies link

Multiple fields can be listed on the page, current screen shows

  • upsell opportunity
  • ultimate parent
  • open opportunities
  • products sold
  • rating score
  • active status
  • account rank


The Hierarchy builder component automated the tedious task of keeping the account hierarchies built and maintained. Once this aspect is taken care of, you can now use the reporting benefits to get that 360-degree view of the entire company hierarchy.

Ultimate Parent enables us to gain a wider perspective on the relationships with multiple divisions, business units or subsidiaries within an overall group or collection of companies. These divisions, units, or companies may be loosely aligned or deeply integrated within a corporate structure, but regardless of their relationship, Ultimate Parent enables us to designate the Account that has the most influence or control.

This allows us to monitor these companies collectively and to identify trends in the number of Opportunities and their size, or make decisions about the level of interaction and drive the behaviors of our sales teams.