Providing Access to

When customers encounter issues which might have to be resolved by the support team, they will be required to provide temporary access to some members of the support team.

Providing Access

  1. Click on the Question mark tab near the customer profile name.
  2. Select Give Support Temp Access


Access denied

Access to users of same tenant settings is denied.

Allow Login as another User

  1. In the Give Access to another User page that appears, type in the email ID of the user who you want to give access to.
  2. Select the duration of hours you want to give access to from the drop-down menu.
  3. Expiry tab picks up the data automatically once you enter the Duration tab.
  4. Check the box Allow the User to login as me and save the details.
  5. The User is now provided with temporary access for the specified duration.

Manage existing temp access

The support team member temporary access duration time can be extended, if required.

  1. Click on the three dots against the support team member name who has been provided the access.
  2. Select Extend expiry time
  3. Select the duration required from the drop-down menu and save.