How to provide Temp Access?

Temporary access is the privileged access granted to those users who are not present in the same tenant. This access is valid temporarily until it expires. The duration of access must be configured in the fullcast UI. The temp users are displayed in the users panel with a Temp tag.
In some cases, the user does not have access to all the features of fullcast, but might need to access the feature temporarily to trouble shoot an issue, to get some user details or just for learning purpose also. Give Temp access feature helps in this scenario.


Temp Access Pre-requisites

  1. Only tenant admin has the privilege to provide temp access.
  2. Not all the tenants have this feature enabled.
  3. Temp access cannot be given to users who are from same tenant.

How to provide temp access?

  1. Click on the customer profile name.
  2. Select Give Temp Access
  3. In the resulting screen, give the email id of the user who needs temp access.
  4. Select the duration for which the user needs access.
  5. Click save.
  6. The user is now granted with access to the other tenant. When the user logs in they have to choose the tenant and log in.

For example, consider user "ABC" from tenant 1 wants a temporary access to tenant 2. Tenant 2 Admin will provide access to the user "ABC" for the required duration. Now when user logs in he is given a choice to select the tenant between his own tenant B and tenant A. When logged into tenant 2, user ABC will be seen with the temp tag in the user panel.

Extending temp access expiry time

  1. Click on the login name and select Users tab.
  2. Select the user who is granted with temp access. Click on the three dot icon against the user name.
  3. Click on Extend Expiry time option.
  4. Select the duration and save to extend the expiry time of temp access for the user.


Tenant selection screen

Once the Temp access time is expired, the tenant selection screen should not be seen while logging in.

Terminating Temp access

It is essential to terminate the temp access after the user assignment is completed.

  1. Click on the login name and select Users tab.
  2. Select the user who is granted with temp access. Click on the three dot icon against the user name.
  3. Click on Terminate Temp access and acknowledge the confirmation screen. .
  4. The user name card will be deleted from the users panel.

Temp access in the admin name

  • The admin might sometimes grant permission to access the tenant using his name credentials. In those situations, please click the check box Allow the user to login as me. This feature allows temporary access to the user to login as the user who gives temp access permission.
  • The user now has the option to choose the user name along with tenant name.

Temp access Scenarios

  1. If there is no tenant ID set in tenant settings then the temp access functionality will not be available in the UI.
  1. Temp access cannot be given to the user who is not registered in the database. "User not found" warning message is displayed when the temp access is created for an invalid user.
  1. Warning message will also be displayed when temp access is given to users who are not available in the "tempAccessTenantlist"
  1. Invalid username warning alert is displayed, when the tenant ID is removed but the user is logged in.


Temp access Secure environment

All the temp access options are audited. When the user is given temp access, email notification is given to the particular user.