Taking Notes

Using the Notes Icon

When you work on data for planning, it is almost inevitable that you will discover issues with your data, to which you you want to make a correction. The notes functionality allows you to capture these notes, and the recordings can then be exported in a machine-readable format (.csv) that can be used to update the source systems offline.

Just like the exporting data functionality, the notes button is located on the Grid Action Bar, and is shown below. Keep in mind, you can only add notes once you've selected a record or records to add them to.

There are two types of information you can capture in the notes:

  • A different value for a field on the record
  • Free form notes


Notes Stay With the Record

Notes are associated with the actual record in the grid. The node in the hierarchy that record is associated to is not impacted. If you move the record between nodes in the hierarchy, the notes move with them.

Adding a Note

To add a note to a single record,

  1. Select the record.
  2. Click on the "notes" button in the Grid Action Bar.
  3. Click the green [+] button to select the fields you want to capture new data for or enter any free
    form comments in the comments box.
  4. Click on "confirm" to save the note.

Once saved, the note icon will appear next to the record you applied it to. Upon clicking the icon, you can see what the note says, for which field value new data is being added, who made the note addition and when it was added to the record.

Adding Notes to Multiple Records

To add a note to a collection of records:

  1. Select all the records you want to apply on the note.
  2. Click on the "Notes" button on the Grid Action Bar.
  3. Select the fields for which you want to capture new data, and enter any free form
    comments in the comments box.
  4. Click on "Confirm" to save the notes.



When you add notes to multiple records from previously selected records, please note the following:

  • The free form notes you enter will *OVERWRITE any notes you have on
    the existing note.
  • If you have the same field in the new note and the existing note, the
    existing value will be OVERWRITTEN.

Deleting Notes

To clear the notes on an individual record or a selection of multiple records:

  1. Select the record(s).
  2. Click on the "notes" button.
  3. Click on "delete" to clear the note(s).


Exporting Notes Data

The data entered into Notes can be exported as a file for further processing or importing into your CRM. To do so, contact your Business Partner or submit a support request.