Node Naming

Naming your Territory Nodes

To learn how to best name your territory nodes follow the guidelines below:

  • Add nodes through the Add Hierarchy function instead of Add Node – this ensures that there are rules that govern account assignments and allows new accounts to route to the right place according to those rules. The Add Node function is for adding a custom (not rules-based) node into the hierarchy.
  • Create nodes “from the top, down” – i.e., make segmentation decisions from the “All Companies” level first, and sequentially move down until you get to your final territories.
  • One territory for each unique team that will cover the set of accounts. I.e.,
    • Territory 1 = Person A + Person B
    • Territory 2 = Person A + Person C
  • Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive (MECE) - refers to the concept of organizing information such that it is separated into buckets that are both mutually exclusive, meaning nothing falls into more than one category, and collectively exhaustive, meaning that everything falls into one of the available categories. i.e.,
    • East + West
    • Large, Medium, Small
    • Finance + non-Finance
  • Segmentation decided by prospect accounts’ buying habits and takes into account pros and cons:
  • Territories should not be named after People/Team Members – the name should be descriptive of the rules around it, or #s if no difference
  • We suggest having 3-5 nodes per level (no more, no less), except leaf nodes where the suggested number is fewer than 10. Try not to have 1 node per level.
  • We suggest Sequential Node Naming if possible. I.e.,
    • Level 1: Corp
    • Level 2: Corp_IO
    • Level 3: Corp_IO_West
    • Level 4 (territory): Corp_IO_West_1, Corp_IO_West_2 Corp_IO_West_3, etc