The Motion module frees you from dependence on CRM and IT admin to execute your go-to-market policies in Salesforce. Check out Why Policies? to learn more about policies. The Motion Module provides the following types of policies relevant to sales:

Assignment Policies

Data Policies

Compliance Policies

Sales Process Policies

Automatically route
leads, opportunities,
accounts, and cases
to the correct teams
and individuals
defined in your
segmentation and
territory go-to-market

Automatically build
account hierarchies
based on policies set in
your go-to-market plan.
Define de-duping rules
and automated actions.
Automate validation
and sales compliance.

Ensure your sales
teams are compliant
with the latest laws
such as GDPR and
California and US
Embargoes List.
Quickly enable
policies that can track
compliance and
provide reporting.

Automatically manage
the policies that define all
aspects of your sales
strategy, including key
contacts, industry
taxonomy, and status
across accounts and
contacts. Supports true

Using the Motion Module

The Motion Module is there to streamline your sales processes. Use it for:

Dynamic Sales Agility

Dynamic companies adjust to current market conditions. Motion provides true agility by linking your go-to-market plan to your sales operations’ execution. Adjust your plan, and instantly update your CRM. No need to wait for manual configuration.

Instant Sales Policy Execution

Does your CRM reflect your current sales policies, or are you reps selling to yesterday's plan?
With the click of a button, Motion automatically updates your go-to-market policy changes
directly in your CRM without manual configuration.

Elimination of Bad Data
The cost of bad data is too high and it often results in wasting 30% of sales resources. From planning to execution, Motion fixes data problems at the source before it enters your system and erodes your effectiveness.

Scaling Without Consultants

When you're running a high-growth business and expecting to scale your sales team, it becomes expensive to use consultants. Our software can do the job quicker and more effectively - Motion updates your CRM to accurately reflect any update to plan without any support from IT or CRM consultants.


To learn more about the Motion Module in detail, check out Getting to Know the Motion Module.