Motion App

The Motion Module is a policy enforcement package that allows users to quickly "operationalize" their go-to-market design. The Motion platform can work in conjunction with the Design platform to quickly translate your go-to-market design to execution rules and policy.

Our tight integration between planning and execution allows our users to continuously iterate on their plans and enable their CRM to follow suit instantaneously. The Motion platform is a data-driven policy and rules engine - which means you spend less time spent hiring consultants to enable your CRM to keep up with go-to-market needs.

Sales is a daily business!

A Policy-Driven Platform

The Motion platform provides policy & automation support for the following scenarios:

  1. Customer Data Quality & Compliance
  2. Nurture prospects and customers through a delightful journey
  3. Getting the right request to the right role
  4. Measure and Improve productivity of customer facing roles by automating
    repeatable aspects of your Lead to Renewal process
  5. Instrument your execution engine to find out what is working and what needs to be improved.
  6. Quickly respond to market conditions and change the execution process and policies to match your go to market design.

The Motion app works on your CRM system and ensures that there is a tight linkage between your go-to-market design you put together in the Design app and the execution of your day-to-day sales motion. This ensures alignment between plan and execution in a way that is responsive to changes.

Currently, the only supported CRM is Other platforms are coming soon.

What is Policy?

Policy is a set of rules, principles and procedures which help to define the efficient way of support for the established sales process, as well as the wanted behavior of all the participants in that process. A high performing sales organization is one where there are well defined policies and this helps with:

  1. Delivers a consistent experience to your customers and providing them with a delightful journey.
  2. Ease the communication and cooperation between all parties involved in the execution of your revenue generation engine.
  3. Allows for automation because the policies provide consistency of operation that can be automated.
  4. Better Data Quality overall because everyone understands the rules
  5. Consistently measure success and failures allowing for continuous improvement of your execution process.
  6. Scaling your team quickly with easier on-boarding and ramping up of new individuals.

It's important to understand that policy will need to evolve with the organization through the maturity cycle going from a chaotic environment to an agile environment. is a policy driven architecture, in that the automation of policy scales with your sales team as you mature into a high-functioning sales team from startup mode.

Policy in Motion App

The following is the current list of policy aspects covered within the Motion app.

Motion App

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