Managing Your Settings


Tenant Admins Access Only

This section applies to tenant admins ONLY.

Navigating to the Settings Panel

Click the Profile icon in the top right corner of your screen to access the Settings Menu. Select any of the displayed options to access the Settings Panel.

In the Settings Panel, click on each tab to access the following features:

Settings "Control Panel"Settings "Control Panel"

Settings "Control Panel"

  • Jobs - View the status of all jobs completed in the platform (e.g. "Notes Extract," "Accounts Extract," "CRM Sync").
  • Users - Manage all users and their access levels in the application.
  • Audit Logs - Review all user-driven changes happening in the app, from logins and logouts to actual design edits.
  • Event Subscriptions - Set up event subscriptions, like emailing users about certain actions.
  • Metric Settings - Manage settings for all metrics enabled in the app.
  • Tenant Settings - Define fiscal years for your business and add to your Country/IP Whitelist.
  • Field Settings - Manage settings for all fields enabled in the app.


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