Defining Industry Taxonomy

Industry Classification

Defining industries is an important way to look at data from both a planning and an execution perspective. The Design Module comes with an Industry Taxonomy tab, where you can design industries for your specific go-to-market needs.

Industry classification aligns with the NAICS and SIC System. When planning, this information is incredibly useful for defining Total Addressable Market and your Ideal Customer Profile.


Enriching Accounts with NAICS/SIC Codes

Before you can use the Industry taxonomy provided by the Design Module, you must first enrich your accounts with NAICS/SIC codes themselves. This is usually done by a third party and will involve assigning an industry code to each account using their database.

Once the data enrichment is done, we can match accounts to the Industry Taxonomy created in the Design Module, and the Industry Taxonomy Policy can be executed.


Having issues?

Contact your Business Partner for more assistance on setting up your Industry Taxonomy.

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