Importing and Exporting Data

Importing Data

Fullcast supports integrations with Salesforce, HR, financial systems - whatever warehouses of data that can support you during your sales planning process. We also support GDrive, SFTP, and other databases.

There are two ways we import data into our system:

  1. Direct integration with the ETL platform
  2. Consuming source files in the form of CSV files

Relevant data from those systems carry over to Fullcast and are normalized so we can use it to help you plan in our platform. We map the desired entities to the right data sources to ensure a smooth data integration into our system.


Integrating with Fullcast

If you're looking for more information on data integration, click here.

Exporting Data

Export for Review

  • Use the export icon on the Grid Action Bar to download data for selected records as an Excel file.

  • Use the charting functions to download the chart image as a .png file, or export the chart data as an Excel file.

  • Contact your GrowthOps Business Partner for custom data extracts for review. We can provide data in the form of .csv files if needed!

Export for Integration Back into CRM

In fullcast, we have a few default built-in processes for extracting data in each of the following categories:

  1. Territories
  2. Account Owners
  3. Assignments
  4. Teams
  5. Roles
  6. Notes

We extract data from our system and natively push it to Salesforce. Alternatively, the data extracts can be created as separate files.


Scheduled or Adhoc

Imports and Exports can be setup on a schedule. please work with your business partner to get this configured.


Integration Scenarios

For more information on different integration scenarios, click here.