Getting to Know the Rhythm Module

The Rhythm Module is our Plan-to-Performance Tracking platform. Here, you can see all of the key performance metrics and how your sales teams are performing against your sales plan.

In Rhythm, you can create dashboards using charts and plans you created in the Design Module. Organize your dashboards into different folders based on function, use cases, strategies used in your planning process. Compiling your data this way gives you visibility into the planning you've done so far, and helps you decide future steps. The following are examples of dashboards you can create:

Dashboards for any Role - Configure unlimited, custom dashboards for all your stakeholder roles (CRO, CFO, VP Sales, VP Sales Ops, HR, etc.) to display the performance information most important to them.

Planning Dashboards - Track and report on the impact of historical plan disruptions against plan forecast: what they were, when they occurred, and how they impact forecast.

QBR Dashboards - Instantly apply QBR metrics across each segment, territory, team, or product. Work directly from reportable dashboards or copy onto PowerPoint.