Designing Roles

In the Roles Designer, you can create and edit roles, assign productivity profiles, compensation types, and more.

Roles within the Design Module play two essential functions:

  1. Establish the nature of the relationship between an employee and the sales plan. For example, John is a "Sales Manager" on the NW territory.
  2. Provide access to various parts of the application.


Note that a role is not the same as a title. Each role is a unique job function that is distinctly different from any other job function. A senior, junior, associate sales rep are all under the same role.


Want to dive straight into creating roles?

Click here.

Navigating to the Roles Designer

To access the Roles Designer:

  1. Click on the Design Module icon on the menu panel.
  2. Under Roles, click on Create and Manage Roles.

Understanding the Roles Designer

Use the visual below to understand the different components of roles displayed in the designer and important functions.

Assignments and Security

Roles are used in assigning coverage. When you assign a person into a role associating them to a particular node in the go-to-market hierarchy, you also assign permissions to them for access that node.


Security Permissions for Roles

An assignment of any role provides read and write access to the entire node and its children within the hierarchy. This is, of course, assuming the person being assigned has a user login to the system.