Design App

Design your go-to-market plan!

The Design module is a complete sales organization tool that uses Growth Ops methodology to guide you in developing the most efficient plan to achieve your sales objectives. Design with it so you can execute with confidence.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Plans - Develop a go-to-market plan for team, territory, product or channel coverage.
  • Targets vs Actual – Organize, set and monitor roles based on their status in the sales funnel, i.e., targets vs. actual. No need to pull data from various systems into spreadsheets for your reviews.
  • Collaborative Planning – Conduct comprehensive sales planning that incorporates
    all stakeholders into a common experience.
  • Single Source of Truth - Structure information models so that every data element is stored exactly once and all team members have an instant view of what everyone else is working on.


Build your go-to-market plan with the help of customization applications:

Design Aspects

Each application is represented as a tab in the User Interface and allows you to:

  1. Design and fine tune the go-to-market details of your segments, teams, products and channels.
  2. Set targets using a collaborative top-down and bottom-up process.
  3. Report and Communicate your go to market design with key stakeholders.
  4. Design your coverage plan by assigning people to roles.

Designer User Interface

All of the designers within share similar user interface elements, so if you can operate one you can operate all. Depending on the designer, you will engage different pieces of data. Each designer gives you a "view" into the overall go-to-market plan.

Design App

Design your go-to-market plan!

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