Getting to Know the Design Module

Understanding the Design Module

The Design Module is a Sales Organization tool that allows you to intelligently and collaboratively align your go-to-market resources. Design your go-to-market strategy with our customizable tool, and execute with confidence through our key features:

Holistic Planning

A complete go-to-market plan for your company with the territory, team, roles, product and industry taxonomy designers allowing complete visibility. Each designer gives a different perspective to your business's sales strategy, allowing you to effectively create and maintain your entire go-to-market model in one place. Learn about each of them here:

  • Territory Designer - A place for users to organize accounts into segments and territories, assign targets, define resource coverage, and track segment-focused company performance.
  • Team Designer - A place for you to organize people into teams based on their company's unique go-to-market strategy, where they can also set and review targets and assign quota.
  • Designing Roles - A place for you to define the various selling and support roles that make up your go-to-market strategy, and manage the capacity and productivity profiles associated with the various roles.
  • Industry Taxonomy - A place for you to define a consistent Industry Taxonomy that is used across the Go To Market design.
  • Product Designer - A place for you to organize products into different groups and set targets on those groups.

Key Planning Tasks

Each designer functions similarly and allows you to complete tasks such as:

Scenario Planning

The ability to evaluate different what-if situations, to make more informed decisions before making a commitment. Learn more about these views here:

Ongoing Plan Maintenance

Maintaining your sales plan consistently throughout the year is needed, and Modules allow you to do so with the following features:

  • Maintain Data Hygiene with Data Policies in the Motion Module
  • Capacity Review in the Roles Designer
  • Assess and Act on Plan Drift using Dashboards in the Rhythm Module
  • Reassigning Targets and Assignments while Changing Roles
  • Adjust Quotas in the Targets Tab
  • Adjust Policies in the Motion Module to reflect changes to execution policy based on the updated go-to-market plan in the Design Module.


Conduct comprehensive sales planning that involves all stakeholders into a common experience. Learn more about this here:

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