Deleting Territories



When you delete a node, ALL information related to that node will be deleted from the system. This includes targets, assignments, and contents of the node.


Territories that Cannot be Deleted

You cannot delete the root node of the hierarchy (e.g. "All Companies").
You also cannot delete the "Unassigned" node unless it's the only node left in the hierarchy.

Deleting Child Nodes of a Parent Territory

Deleting child nodes of a parent territory is the reverse of creating a hierarchy. To do this:

  1. Select the parent node.
  2. Select "Delete All Children Nodes" under the hierarchy operations menu.
  3. Type "Delete" in the confirmation dialog and click on "Confirm".


Want to delete a single node under the bucket configuration?

Let's say you've set hierarchy rules on a parent node and its children. If you'd like to delete only one of the nodes under that parent without removing the other buckets - simply delete the node you'd like and our system will remove that bucket from the configuration set at the hierarchy operations menu.

Deleting a Parent Territory and its Children

You can delete a parent territory and its children as appropriate by using the "Delete Current Node and Children" option from the hierarchy operations menu. To do this:

  1. Select the node that you want to delete.
  2. Select "Delete Current Node and Children" from the hierarchy operations menu. This option will not appear unless there are children nodes under the node you selected to delete.
  3. Type "Delete" in the confirmation dialog.
  4. Select "Confirm".


What Happens to the Contents of Deleted Territories?

When you delete a node, the contents of the deleted node get transferred to the Unassigned node under the same parent. If all child nodes under a parent node are deleted, then the contents of the children get transferred to the parent node upon deletion.