Data Policies

The Data Policies in the Motion Module are meant to govern the quality of the data in the sales process, specifically your CRM. By implementing data policies, you are achieving the following goals:

Data Accuracy

  • Maintain data accuracy for its intended purposes.
  • Minimize data cleansing and administrator work.


  • Record and use data consistently, in compliance with relevant requirements, rules, or


  • Reflect stable and consistent data collection processes in your data, or
  • Where changes or differences are necessary, data is sufficiently documented and understood so information produced is stable and consistent.


  • Capture data as quickly as possible and make it available for its intended use by a reasonable time.


  • Identify and highlight missing, incomplete, or invalid records can provide an indication of poor data quality and a need for improved data collection processes.

For a list of available data policies, keep reading below.

Types of Data Policies

When Should You Use Data Policies?

Data Policies fix your data problems at the source before bad data enters your system and erodes your effectiveness. No more duplicates, incomplete fields, or stale records.