Compliance Policies

Compliance policies ensure that your sales teams adhere to legal requirements, for example:

  • Data Privacy Regulations – Such as GDPR in the EU or Privacy Shield from the US Dept of
    Commerce; Regulations require that the use of contact data be governed against misuse.
  • Trade Regulations – Governments may identify organizations, countries, and individuals you
    cannot do business with.
  • Accounting Principles – Various accounting principles such as ASC606 govern the collection of
    appropriate data for the accounting, revenue recognition, or commissioning purposes; These
    policies must be followed in the course of doing business and collecting data.
  • Auditing Requirements – Your internal auditing requirements will require you to follow certain
    policies to ensure proper compliance with internal audit controls.
  • Industry Regulations

To review the types of compliance policies available, keep reading below.

Types of Compliance Policies

When Should You Use Compliance Policies?

Enabling these policies helps you track whether your sales team is being compliant with various government-mandated rules, and provide reporting on your records.