Using Industry Taxonomy in

The US Dept of Labor - Taxonomy

The US Department of Labor has a predefined Industry Taxonomy arranged in the NAICS code order. Industries are divided into two domains: Goods-Producing or Service-Providing Industries. Under these groups, you'll have super sectors and sectors of business establishments further classified by the type of economic activity.

You can use this default taxonomy to arrange your industries - find it here. Alternatively, you can customize your Industry Taxonomy in the Design Module according to how you go to market.

Super Sector, Sector, and Industry Groupings

The highest-level industry classification using NAICS is the sector. Super Sectors were created by the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW) with their own 4-digit codes, and are defined under the two domains. The NAICS codes belonging to each Super Sector are shown in the table below:


Source: arranges industries in the following hierarchy: Super Sector > Sector > Industry Group > Industries.


Want to start building your Industry Taxonomy?

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Adding Industry Data to your Details Grid

To incorporate industry data to the Details Grid:

  1. Navigate to the Territory Designer.
  2. Open the Column Chooser.
  3. Drag and drop any of the following industry fields to the Grid - Industry, Sector, or Super Sector.