Inviting New Users

Fullcast Users with administrative rights, add other users, and manage their privileges in the application. The users can be filtered based on whether they are invited, active, or blocked.

  1. Log into Fullcast application.
  2. Select the Profile to access the Settings Menu and select Users
  3. To add a new user, click Add New

  4. Select the user from the drop-down list available. If you don't want to choose any particular user from the list you can leave it blank.
  5. Enter an active email address for the user. The email address is used as the User name. When we add the user only with email address without the name, the email ID is considered for both Name and User name. 
  6. If you wish to enable MFA (Multifactor Authentication) to the user, select Enable in the MFA tab. The default selection of MFA in N/A.
  7. Select the Persona of the user from the drop-down menu. It is an optional field and you can edit the persona after the user gets added as well.
  8. Select Save.
  9. An invite is sent to the mail id provided in the E-mail field. Along with the invite mail, a password reset mail is also sent.
  10. After accepting the invitation, the user needs to set the password using the password mail received. The user needs to set MFA as well if it is enabled for the user.
  11. Once the above mentioned steps are completed, the status of the user changes from Invited to Active

Settings tab

Authentication System

In the Settings tab under Authentication System, there are two options to select:

  • Fullcast Database: You can enable or disable Multifactor Authentication and Remember Browser options here.  
  • Single Sign-On: The Multifactor authentication and Remember Browser is not required in this option. If this option is enabled, the following steps happen in order:
    • You log in using your fullcast password
    • You are redirected to the Salesforce environment and you log in using your Salesforce credentials
    • You are redirected to the fullcast Design application.

 IP & Country restrictions

  1. Enter the IP addresses and the country names, if any, that need to be denied.
  2. Enter the IP addresses and the country names, if any, that need to be allowed.

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