How to Create Custom Nodes

In the GTM hierarchy, both parent nodes and child nodes can have custom nodes under them which are built based on certain criteria. Custom nodes can be helpful if you want to further segment territories by adding additional criteria that may or may not be different from the parent node

Steps to create custom nodes:

  1. Select the node in which you would like to add the custom node. Open the Hierarchy Options menu and select Add Node
  2. Enter a name for the nod, and check the Use Rule option. 
  3. Select the Field from the drop-down menu that you want to base the criteria on. The field must be unique.
  4. Select the filter operator and enter relevant filter values.
  5. Click Save, and the new node will be created.
  6. Select the node you just created in the hierarchy and open the Hierarchy Options menu, select Re-run Rules
  7. Choose the options to exclude Named type and Named Exception, click Confirm
  8. Records that meet the Custom Node filter criteria will now be moved into the new Custom Node.

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