How to use Named Accounts and Exceptions

When a certain account needs special attention and you would like to keep it separate from the rest of the Go-To-Market plan, the Named Account feature comes to play. Marking an account as a Named Account signifies that the account is a strategic account - an account that the reps are going to work on throughout the year and it is an exception to the regular set of rules that exist in the segmentation. 

In some rare situations, accounts having bad data quality can be named Named Accounts. This is not recommended but can be done as an exception until the data can be fixed.

Accounts that are labeled as Named Accounts are locked in that segment/node and it makes them immovable to any other segment until their Named Account label is removed.

Steps to create Named Accounts and Named Exceptions:

  1. Navigate to the Territory Design in the Design module. 
  2. Select the Segments tab to view the GTM hierarchy and corresponding accounts. 
  3. In the Grid, select the account(s) that needs to be tagged using the checkbox.
  4. Once selected, click the Actions button in the Grid Actions Bar. 
  5. Pick Set Named Types from the drop-down menu.
  6. In the pop-up window that follows, select the tag either Named Account or Named Exception that needs to be added to the selected account(s).
  7. Select Confirm.  

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