Map Charts

You can use the Map Chart to visualize the performance of territories based on a metric of your choice.

Steps to use Map Chart

  1. Select Design.
  2. Under Territory Design select Customer Segments.
  3. Select the node from your hierarchy on which you want to create the chart.
  4. On the top right corner, select the icon named Chart View
  5. A new window opens up. Scroll down to the bottom of the window.
  6. Select the icon named MAP Chart.
  7. Enter the Chart Title text box with a name for the chart.
  8. On the left side of the window, below the search bar, there is a category named Segments. Click on the "<" icon. Two more categories can be seen - Accounts and Territory.
  9. Select the "<" icon right to the Territory category. Two more categories can be seen - Dimensions and Measures.
  10. Select the "<" icon for Measures. A number of metrics can be seen. Select a metric and drag it to the Measures section.

    How many metrics you can select at one time!

    At one time, only one metric can be selected to calculate the measure for your map chart.

  11. Select the name of the country from the Country dropdown.
  12. From the Level dropdown, select at what level, you want to see the metric value.

    Use of Level dropdown

    Based on the country chosen, the level may differ. E.g., for the United States, the level could be State, 2-code, or 5-code. Codes are the level of postal codes.

    Use of Lock Level

    There is a checkbox Lock Level right below the Level dropdown. Selecting the Lock Level will lock the heatmap's level to the level selected above. That means if the selected level is State, the user cannot zoom into other levels that are the 2-code postal codes or 5-code postal codes.

  13. Select the button Plot. Now you can see your selected territories on a map. Hovering over the territory, you can see the values of your selected metric.

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