Release Notes March 2024

Release Notes: March 2024

Features and UI

The March release consisted of feature enhancements and continued improvement to the user experience. 

New Feature Update:

Data Filters at the Plan-Level 

A challenge with multi-plan environments is not needing all the data because you're only interested in specific subsets of the data. An example is constructing specific overlay plans such as the CS plan or the partner/channel plans. 

For instance, in a CS plan, you only require customer accounts, whereas in a partner plan, you solely need the partner accounts. Similarly, if you are constructing an organization for CS, then you only need the CS personnel and not the entire organization, etc. This surplus data can significantly impact performance, rerun rules, reporting, etc. 

To address this issue, we have implemented data filtering at the plan level. Upon setting a filter and clicking "next," a confirmation window is displayed when modifying the plan’s data filters. This ensures that customers are aware of the number of records being affected by the plan filters. These filters apply to all three objects: Accounts, People, and Product. Once confirmed, the grid will display records that meet your plan filters as applicable. For more information regarding plans and plan data filters refer to the Managing Plans in Fullcast article. 

Currency Flags 

Currency flags are accessible only for fields that support Decimal/Double Fields and the Rollup Field Data Type. If the integration user does not have access to the currency flag, they will be allowed to manually set it.  

User Experience: 

UI improvements as part of a long-term user experience improvement project. 

Updated font sizes and family for consistency throughout Fullcast for a new look and feel!

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