Create an Integration User

An API integration user must be created in Salesforce. This user will be the main authentication method for the Import and Export of data and also for Rest API-based app integration with Salesforce.

The API user needs to be created based on the below field selections.

  • License: Salesforce Platform/Standard User
  • Profile: API Only/System administration/Any custom profile
  • Profile access: Provide access from either of the below steps

Option 1Provide access to objects and fields.

Option 2: Assign Permission Sets to users (Available from Motion package V2.177):

    • Fullcast Import permissions: View All access (objects listed under Import)
    • Fullcast Export permissions: Modify All access (objects listed under Export)
    • Fullcast Motion permissions: Modify All access to all Fullcast objects and fields

Note: Currently the integration authentication is not available within Fullcast. If API user access cannot be managed by Fullcast, the business partner will assist in setting up the integration.

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