Create a Connected App

  1. Navigate to the App Manager in Setup.
  2. Select New Connection App

  1. Enter the below information for the new Connected App:

Basic information

  • Name: Fullcast Motion Package
  • API Name: Fullcast_Motion_Package
  • Contact Email: Email address 

OAuth Settings

  • Select the Enable OAuth Setting checkbox
  • Callback URL: Configure based on which instance you are working with. The start of each URL below should match the Fullcast instance URL you are going to authenticate motion in.
  • Selected OAuth Scopes
    • Manage user data via APIs(API)
    • Access the identity URL service(id, profile, email, address, phone)
    • Perform requests on your behalf at any time (refresh_token, offline_access)
    • Manage user data via Web Browsers (web)
  • Leave Require Secret for Web Server Flow and Require Secret for Refresh token flow checked.

Leave the following sections as is: 

  • Web App Settings
  • Custom Connected App Handler
  • Mobile App Settings
  • Canvas App Settings
  1. Select Save

  1. From the Fullcast Motion Module Connected App, select Manage, then select Edit Policies. 
  2. The policies should be set as follows:

Basic Information

  • Leave As Is

OAuth Policies Section

  • Permitted Users: All users may self-authorize
  • IP Relaxation: Enforce IP restrictions, but relax for refresh tokens
  • Refresh Token Policy: Refresh token is valid until revoked

Leave the following sections as is:

  • Session Policies
  • Custom Connected App Handler
  • User Provisioning Settings

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