Fullcast 101 - Introduction to the Fullcast Platform

Why Fullcast?

Does the following sound familiar? You're using spreadsheets for your go-to-market planning. There's data all over the place. This ends up creating a gap between your strategy and execution. You spend four months a year planning and putting that planning into the CRM, then the CRM takes it from there. You get plan drift. This is neither efficient nor scalable. Fullcast is here to solve this problem.

What is Fullcast?

Fullcast.io is an end-to-end revenue operations (RevOps) platform that aligns your sales plan to your sales execution using a policy-driven approach - powered by our Software Defined Operations architecture.  Fullcast is the only platform that seamlessly connects your go-to-market (GTM) planning activities with tactical revenue operations by allowing you to continuously plan your strategy and deploy changes at any time. 

Use Cases and Modules

The common use cases our customers enable using Fullcast.io are:
Territory Management  Data Hygiene Routing
Build and scale territories that maximize RevOps efficiency and Sales productivity. The only RevOps management solution that cleans your data as it’s collected. Automatically route leads, accounts, and opportunities in alignment with your GTM plan
Quotas and Target Setting Coverage, Capacity & Roles Performance to Plan
Targets and quotas based on AI-driven scenario modeling Plan and execute coverage and sales capacity planning. Track performance, act on insights, and automatically push changes.
The software consists of three modules that work in concert with each other:  
Module Description
Design Collaborative revenue planning module that seamlessly integrates with your CRM. 
Rhythm Real-time plan to performance monitoring and KPI tracking. 
Motion Enabling your plan to execute flawlessly in your CRM. 

Getting to Know the Fullcast Platform

The video below will familiarize you with the Fullcast platform and its basic navigation and tools. New Fullcast users should begin by completing this 30-minute training.

Note: The user interface in this video is outdated. We will refresh the video soon! In the meantime, if there is any confusion, refer to these notes for a rundown of the primary differences in current and previous UI.


00:00 - Getting Started in Fullcast

00:55 - Design, Rhythm, & Motion Menus (*Note that now the menu is "Plans, Reports, Scenarios")

02:25 - Plans

03:48 - Settings & Help

05:41 - Segmentation Panel

12:29 - Tools in the Grid

17:05 - Adding Metrics

17:53 - Using the Targets, Assignments, Balancer, Map, & Capacity Sub-Tabs

19:30 - Charts, Audit Logs, & Views Buttons

20:34 - Current, Proposed, & Difference Views

21:27 - Rerunning Rules

23:45 - Committing Changes

25:44 - Moving Accounts Manually

27:24 - Setting Named Accounts

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