Standard vs Custom Jobs

Scenario Standard Job Custom Job
Ability to add a field for import to Fullcast Yes No
Ability to add a new object/entity for import into Fullcast Yes No
Ability to add a new Salesforce connect for import into Fullcast Yes No
Ability to add a new role to export to Salesforce Yes No
Ability to export data from Fullcast to more fields outside of the standard job. e.g. Account Owner, Custom Fields No Yes
Scheduling of import and export jobs Yes Yes
Auto-Rerun Rules Yes Yes

Standard Job Considerations

  • Data is only exported to the Account Teams, Territory Member, and GTM Objects
  • Any populating of fields on the Account object will need to be completed using the Salesforce Flow Builder
  • Maintain control over Flow logic and ability to troubleshoot data issues without Fullcast support
  • Data flowing into these object typically has a lower likelihood of failure due to reduced amount of automation and validation. This ensures a better sync between Fullcast and Salesforce

Custom Job Considerations

  • Turn around time for updates to import job is 2 - 3 days
  • Turn around time for updates to export job is 3 - 5 days
  • Higher likelihood of data difference between Fullcast and Salesforce due to failures from governor limits and validation rules in Salesforce.
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