Export Jobs upgrade notes - Package version 2.171

Package version 2.171 comprises three feature upgrades related to export jobs.

Territory member trigger flag

When the account is moved from one node to another, cleanup of all the assignments related to the moved account should happen in the previous node to avoid duplication of accounts while exporting the jobs. This package holds an addition of Territory member trigger flag in the Custom metadata fullcast setting. When the flag is triggered, proper clean up action happens.  

Enable the territory member trigger flag in Setup ---> Custom Metadata ---> Fullcast Setting

Is Invalid flag on the Member objects

When there is account merger in Salesforce, we should ensure that proper cleanup happens and only one merged account gets exported. This package comes with a formula field Is Invalid flag introduced in the Member objects Territory Member, Team Members and Product Group Members. The Is Invalid flag helps in identifying the duplicate record which gets generated during the merger and this flag helps in the clean up of duplicate record and exports only one merged account. Like below you can see the Is Invalid flag on all the three member objects.

Assignment Type in Salesforce

The new field Assignment Type field in the Account Team Member object in Salesforce helps in retrieving the value of the assignment type (Normal/Temporary) from the Fullcast design app and exports that type of user. We are exporting only the real-time assignments and filtering all the future TBx (To-be-determined) assignment types.

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